United States Nationals Thread - WON BY WESLEY MORIOKA

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Good luck smogoners, am looking forward to hearing how everybody does. Make sure to take lots of photos.
Slept through R1 but apparently we won unless we played each other, seven rounds

R2 TAY won, huy got lucked pretty good but won anyway apparently, donut lost imawario in another very pkmn match, think alaka said he got lucked too, skarm won. Donut Fish Alaka TTS are 1-1, Rory Skarm TAY Kongler(who evidently beat deagle R2) Duy dtrain 2-0, haven't talked to the people who aren't congregating with us

Edit for round 3: only duck fight I see is Rory vs Duy, Kongler on da big screen

Kongler wiins(3-0), caught chalkey losing on a big screen but not sure what his record is(edit 1-2), Huy 3-0, dtrain 2-1 skarm 3-0, mattj 2-1, still catching up with the rest

TTS 2-1, Fish 1-2, Donut 2-1, Rory 3-0, Duy 2-1, TAY 3-0

Round 4 update: No duck on duck this time

TAY(3-1) accidentally ran, really not sure why there isn't a warning message for that

Duy(2-2) got jobbed by icy wind misses

Kongler apparently lost to a crit (3-1)

Skarm(3-1) lost to badintent(4-0)

Rory lost(3-1), Batpig won(4-0), godudette is apparently 1-3 thanks to journalist research by tad

R5 update: skarm vs. deagle, fish vs. godudette :( alaka vs. donut

Fish(2-3) wins over godudette(1-4), Huy wins (5-0, clinch)

Skarm(3-2), Duy 3-2), TAY(3-2), kongler 4-1

Think donut 2-3


Batpig vs. Kongler :/, imawario vs. Rory


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Cheers for the update Synre. Do you know how IPL is doing?

Garaluo, we won't know who 'wins' this until tomorrow. They only get to Top 16 today, then those Top 16 play tomorrow to determine the winner. All 16 get invites to Worlds, though. That's what I think happens, anyway.

Edit: Go Huy!

Huy 5-0, so strongth, oh so strongth.

So, thanks to Synre, I'll write up a sexy list of everyone's record so far so it's easier to skim through:

Huy (5-2)
DeagleBeagle (6-1)
BadIntent (4-0)
Kongler (5-2)
Rory (4-3)
Skarm (5-2)
Duy (5-2)
TAY (4-3)
Mattj (4-2)
Fish (4-3)
dtrain (3-3)
imawario (3-4)
TTS (5-2)
OmegaDonut (2-4)
Imperfectluck (3-3)
chalkey (2-4)
godudette (1-4)
Ipl is 2-3 on the matchup sheet, haven't run into him on the floor yet. Against donut, didn't even notice

And no, no friendship card here, matchups are computerized and record based. They were good about it yesterday, too, outside of a match containing a certain female pokemaster and I...

R6 continued: Kongler(5-1) got the win over Huy(5-1), it was a good game and both teams played hard

Skarm(4-2) over dtrain (3-3)

Rory (4-2) over imawario (3-3), both these guys have had really challenging draws

TTS, Tay, Mattj 4-2, Fish 3-3

Donut(2-4) lost to ipl (3-3) :(
I noticed that smogoners are battling. Can you not play the friendship card there? It was very useful in the regionals. I avoided omegadonut twice that way lol
Aminimun of half of the players there are from Smogon/Skarmbliss so if the buddy card were allowed there may be only a select few people in the entire event you could play. It wouldn't be fair this deep in the event honestly. On a side note these updates make me cry since I couldn't go at all in the end. But rooting for Ryuzaki, Metabou, and Deagle anyway.
Skarm(4-2) vs Rory(4-2)
Huy(5-1) vs Deagle (5-1)

In R7
Duy 4-2, chalkey 2-4 to update btw

Skarm knew rory's items

Tay lost on a weird damage roll

Final scores:
Huy 5-2
Skarm 5-2
Duy 5-2
Kongler 5-2
TTS 5-2
Rory 4-3
Fish 4-3
TAY 4-3
Imawario 3-4

Waiting for the BCS to determine stength of schedule for top 16
On a side note these updates make me cry since I couldn't go at all in the end.
I know what you mean lol. I was really hoping to be able to go but couldnt get enough money. I will be going next year after reading all this though. And next year, you guys better be ready, cuz I'm going to be taking it all lol!
The one thing which I would really just love to see would be TTS against DeagleBeagle. I was on Pokemon Online a lot during this VGC and I feel like those two are some of the best VGC players on Pokemon Online.
But Werecario, you went to Dallas, I missed it completely. And then I hear that all these players I am better than doing well. Deagle (5-1) is my teammate and I was helping him train yesterday. I have a near perfect record on Pokemon Online against TTS...it's just frustrating since I am on equal footing with or better than just about everyone playing today.

And I agree with human, that would be a fun battle. TTS and Ryuzaki would also be a fun battle since they currently are 1 and 2 on the VGC rankings. (Ryuzaki is 1, TTS is 2 for those that don't know)
Im curious to see how EnFeugo does. I dont think he is on Smogon but he is a great battler on pokemon online, and I have helped him with practicing and convinced him to use mewtwo which has now made his team nearly unbeatable.


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Yeah, tell me about it, I won a regional, had everything paid for, but I couldn't go because of a family emergency. Sigh, just can't win sometimes.
Rory's ridiculous strength of schedule ended up not being so dumb after all.

1 BadIntent
3 Batpig
6 Kongler
7 metabou
9 bluecookies
10 skarm
11 deagle beagle
12 mattj
13 TTS
14 Duy
15 Alaka
16 Rory
17 Cybertron/ Serendipity
19 TAY
20 ryuzaki
22 jrank / red backpack
24 ninahaza
25 dtrain
30 PBB
32 Fish (GO FISH district 21 rep)
34 imawario
41 omegadonut
42 ipl
51 chalkey
54 godudette

R1 tomorrow:

Badintent vs. Rory
Wesley Morioka vs. Bluecookies
Milan Patel vs. Mattj
TTS vs. Brianna Brit

Huy vs. Duy O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O
Deagle vs. Kongler
Metabou vs. Skarm
Matt Coyle vs. Alaka

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